A Paradise Of Expressions..

Where strangers are family.

To whoever reading this,

In the infinite mess that is the universe, the possibility of even a sneeze, a fart, a laugh, a break- up, a proposal, a death, and a new life can prove to be staggeringly disastrous or fortunate. ( If you do not believe me, check out The Butterfly Effect under Chaos Theory, and look at a few of real-world examples).

If you are feeling down due to anything; a fight, a death, tons of responsibilities, exceptionally bad grades, etc , PLEASE don’t worry. Somewhere right now, or perhaps in the far future, someone is going CRAZY happy because of what you are doing right now. Or, maybe it’s even super sad; no one really knows. The Question is : Would you rather see him/her/them be happy because of you, or sad because of you?

So try to be happy. Live the moment you currently have.  Be yourself,  in the best way. Take on problems with pride, and you may find a zeal that I have just begun to discover. 

Welcome to my mess,  that is the universe. 




From Journalism to Fiction by Dick Lehr

Waiting for that Someday

And once again,  words shall carry the weight of their meanings,

and they won’t be empty any more,

and you won’t be empty anymore.

So,  I’ll love with everything I have

So people can start feeling again.

I’m waiting for that ‘Someday’.







And the silence of the thousands gave way

to emotion caused by a ripple in time.

Chester Bennington no more 

Calliope's Lyre

I’m not sure how to process any of this yet, but it’s official. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, is no more. Linkin Park, is no more. A portion of the wall of the world has crumbled, and fallen on our heads.
We spent the better part of yesterday dismissing it as a hoax, but it’s been confirmed by most of the outlets and the band members.

Could we ever stop loving him? Probably not. I don’t know what good could come of this except.. I hope you’re at peace, Chester.
Never, ever forgotten. The Man who kept me alive so many nights.
Rest In Peace, Chester.

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Love Her

you gave me everything i needed right now, love. You gave me peace.

Coco J. Ginger Says



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Shall I go?

Or would you go for me?

Shall I stay?

Or would you stay for me?


Shall I cry?

Or would you cry for me?

Shall I live?

Or would you live for me?

The Living Poor

While the Sun beats down

And the loved ones are inside; protected

the vagabond ploughs about.


Thirsty, every drop of water is wine to him

Nothing to call his own, but his soul.

Nothing to do, but travel the roads.

No one to talk, but the wind.


A happy face, nay, its filled with sorrow.

A tired man, nay, he shows strength.

A peaceful face, nay, it sparks ambition.

A face deathly pale, and yet it shows life.


The ones who are loved stay inside

and the ones who are proud are out, facing the world

Whether they rise,or fall it doesn’t matter

For they lived their gift, till it was theirs no more.





“But I love you!” she wailed, with water in her eyes.

I stopped, looked back, with tears of my own.

And Said” Love isn’t when I shield you from the blizzard, babe.

Love is when you kiss me, and we stay cold together.”

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