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Still Being With Her Whilst She Is Gone

leaf and twig

rose arbor
in the afternoon

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let us welcome one


let us welcome one
another’s differences,
activate untapped
with the simplicity
of sharing our

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: simplicity

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Heavy sleep

I am alone.

There is pain above my eyes

I am in pain.

Hinges, like hands, close all doors

I am afraid.

Instead of fighting, I go into a heavy sleep

I am a coward.

Quick fic: A Robin’s Tale

The Trailhead

She flew into the yard for the first time on a Tuesday afternoon, drawn by a clear, crisp song. The stiff coldness of the air had broken, leaving the world feeling like a refrigerator that had been left open.  The ever-lengthening days were pleasant enough, but nights on her favorite branch still required her to puff her belly feathers to warm her feet.

005-2She landed on a rock to listen and look. The territory was appealing. A stream bisected a long expanse of grassland that must be filled with worms; beyond it were trees of many varying sizes, and a large brush pile of useful material. There was a wooden platform north of the creek, on which other birds would light from time to time – a pair of doves, two blue jays, four or five cardinals, and a tiny ruby-throated hummingbird. Though there were several dogs in the area…

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June 27


eerie tinge
to this sunset

cold and diluted
a misplaced day

say six pm
in mid October

it was summer
a chill sets in

the lights go off
and on in the office tower

golden bands
the crane’s open elevator

making one last run
up the construction site

even from here
it’s clearly not tethered

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-‘I hope a day come when we are judged by the dust on our feet, instead of the shine on our shoes.’

What is Panic Attack & how to deal with it? [ Free E Book ]

Educated Unemployed Indian

Are you someone who has experienced stress, anxiety and panic at any point in life?

The plain answer for most if not all adults is a ‘yes‘.

We are exposed to so much noise and trouble on day to day life, sometimes we just can not ‘not panic’! But to every problem, there is also a solution.

The solution to panic attack is to gather more knowledge and awareness. To know what it is, its causes, symptoms and most importantly to know how to manage and deal with it.

‘Knowledge is Power!’

panic, panic attack, e book, free book, book cover E Book Cover

Keeping in mind all the above, I have put together a mini sized eBook on this topic, with authentic information on panic attack and time tested ways to deal with it.

I wrote a post on panic attack few months back. I got the idea for the post while I was dealing with…

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Ten reasons why you should believe in the universe!

Educated Unemployed Indian

“Believe something and the Universe is on its way to being changed. Because you’ve changed, by believing.”
– Diane Duane

The universe is much bigger and much more intelligent than you or me. It knows what has happened and what will, consequently it takes care of what is happening.

You and I, we don’t have such grand knowledge or great wisdom. So we do what we know best- worry!

But if we could learn to trust in the universe because it always figures out everything in the end, it would make a big difference in our worrying habits.

To be able to put a full stop to the unprofitable habit of worrying is not the only benefit of believing in the universe. When you start believing in the universe it brings along a whole set of privileges.

This is a list of ten such privileges including ‘no more…

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