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OK, I’m not ancient, but by adland standards, I’m practically a dinosaur.

I’ve talked about how stupid the industry is to look at people like that – but when someone old is ranting, it sounds much more like someone trying to keep his career going than something more objective.

Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent because what this post is actually about is an elderly lady – a truly elderly lady of about 75-80 years old – who I saw walk into Starbuck’s a few weeks ago.

Now I appreciate this may not sound interesting, but as you can tell from the picture above, she was wearing a bright pink beanie with the words ‘thug life’ on it.

I don’t know about you, but when I saw that, I knew there was only one thing I could do which was tell her she looks amazing, pay for her breakfast…

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Legs are feeling heavy.

But I won’t stop.

I didn’t come all this way to stop.

And the heaviness goes away.

Its about time…

But it was a dream.

For now.

Off the Path in Götaland

Bespoke Traveler

“Allemansrätten.” It is a right granted to every citizen by the nation’s constitution. It is a part of every Swede’s identity. It resides deep in their cultural psyche. “Allemansrätten.” The word means “every man’s right.” It is the freedom to roam. It is the idea of land belonging to the public, a collective large-scale communal garden. It allows access to wander, camp, and forage on uncultivated or unpreserved property. 

I am not a Swede, only visiting. Therefore, this permission is a privilege to me. “Allemansrätten.” I repeat the term while searching for rock pools. I whisper the word as I bypass cows scrutinizing me. I sing it floating in the chilly cove. 

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Rock Bottom: Stand Up

Poetry On A Roll

Hit rock bottom.
Stand up on your feet.
It’s still a good foundation.

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What am I doing?

Need all you to lift spirits of each other. This is a great place to talk to each other. If any of you need any sort of help, this place is filled with amzing people!


Few years back Everything about my future was ambiguously assumed, like I would get into college, get a decent job, earn money, but I realized that my life was on autopilot!

I wanted​ more, I wanted​ more out of life.I wanted​ a passion, a dream that won’t let me sleep, I wanted that dream to make me jump out of bed in the morning and have that zest for life that I used to have in early childhood. And thus I quit whatever i was doing and started pursuing my dream But now I’m lost, depressed and have a strong sense of failure, I suppose I’m stuck in the muck of insecurity and self-doubt, It’s like I’m going nowhere! 🙁

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Still Being With Her Whilst She Is Gone

leaf and twig

rose arbor
in the afternoon

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let us welcome one


let us welcome one
another’s differences,
activate untapped
with the simplicity
of sharing our

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: simplicity

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Heavy sleep

I am alone.

There is pain above my eyes

I am in pain.

Hinges, like hands, close all doors

I am afraid.

Instead of fighting, I go into a heavy sleep

I am a coward.

Quick fic: A Robin’s Tale

The Trailhead

She flew into the yard for the first time on a Tuesday afternoon, drawn by a clear, crisp song. The stiff coldness of the air had broken, leaving the world feeling like a refrigerator that had been left open.  The ever-lengthening days were pleasant enough, but nights on her favorite branch still required her to puff her belly feathers to warm her feet.

005-2She landed on a rock to listen and look. The territory was appealing. A stream bisected a long expanse of grassland that must be filled with worms; beyond it were trees of many varying sizes, and a large brush pile of useful material. There was a wooden platform north of the creek, on which other birds would light from time to time – a pair of doves, two blue jays, four or five cardinals, and a tiny ruby-throated hummingbird. Though there were several dogs in the area…

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