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Your Transgender Questions Answered


If only the whole world could attend the Gender Odyssey conference.  It would make my daughter’s life so much easier, not to mention mine.  And it would make the rest of the world happier and smarter and kinder, too – I’m sure of it.

In August, I attended this annual conference for the third time, along with about a thousand other lucky souls – including a couple hundred families with kids like mine.  While our kids played in the free day camp, us parents gathered in conference rooms to swap stories, laugh, cry, rage, and learn.  If only everyone could be there and see what I’ve seen, hear the stories I’ve heard.  You’d be so inspired by the devotion of the parents, the smiles on the faces of the wee ones who are making their first friendships with other trans kids, the courage of the ass-kicking transgender teens (they…

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Our Strange and Lonely New World

from Issue #8: Poetry by Floyd Salas

Contrappasso Magazine: International Writing

Photo (CC) G&R @ Flickr Photo (CC) G&R @ Flickr


My Brother

He was bent in the shadow
of the same father
wore the same anvil of ignorance
like a hexer’s charm
round his neck

But he glowed like a dark sun
while I was shrouded
black and white
and dusk grey
where the skin showed

Grey is the truer color
I wear it like a dark shroud
White is seen at dark
when only the lamp has eyes

But black catches the light more
like windshields in July heat
and hot tar on a wide street



New Year’s Eve  

The moon goes down in the crowd’s eyes
by half
sinking into the sunken lid

The black night cups the crowd’s horror
It will spill it back again
in the cold day
when vacant eyesockets hold yellow pools
of stale rainwater
and face powder
streaks its white masks

Pinpoint the spot

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Spring Valley High: “We Don’t Know the Whole Story”

The Boeskool

By now, many of you have probably already seen the disturbing video of a high school girl in South Carolina being flipped over and dragged out of her desk by a police officer for refusing to comply with his orders. In case you haven’t seen it yet, the following video captures the scene from two different angles:

After seeing a video like this one, people’s reactions are usually split into two groups:

  1. This is completely and utterly unacceptable.
  2. We don’t know the whole story.

Full disclosure: I happen to belong to group #1.

Turns out he was fired today... But you know what? If this hadn't been recorded on video, he would probably still be working around kids. Turns out he was fired today… But you know what? If this hadn’t been recorded on video, he would probably still be working around kids.

Now, within the racially-charged time that we find ourselves in, it is hard to ignore the fact that the young girl in the video is black and the officer is white. And when…

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I am a long way from home,

the way has been, and still is rough.

Yet my eyes shine, and my heart speaks of love;

For my soul is free.

Today I Didn’t Eat Lunch with My Kid at School

Punch Drunk Village


It starts off a typical Friday morning, where I stand in the shower and meticulously plot out what to do with my 2.25 hours of allotted free time for the week.

Husband has the cute suggestion that today I should go have lunch with our kindergartner, Kid #2.

Husband had lunch with Kid #2 before and it was no less than the highlight of Kid #2’s life since October 2009 when he first breathed air. 

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wonders of the world

Source: wonders of the world

History only repeats itself, because we tend to make the same mistakes again and again. Continue reading

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