Today I just want to write.

I had almost left blogging, what with a bad year of grade 11, with me getting less than I ever got with my life, and my grandmother passing away, I pretty much turned away from blogging and pleased myself with listening to TV and music. I managed to keep the wanderer alive. But now, while i sit alone in a room with my phone and headphones listening to “Bridge Of Light” by Pink (fabulous song, by the way) I finally decided to resume blogging; though for how long, I really don’t know.

This post is whatever that is coming to my head right now. And that is why it is important. Because when you are alone with your thoughts and you give vent to them, no matter how stupid they sound, you can appreciate on the fact that if you had left them inside, they would turn into nightmares and leave you  uncomfortable for the rest of your life. What i say may not sound right, and I don’t blame you. I’m writing whatever is there to write from me right now, for then i will see the clouds with a light heart, will appreciate  the stars and their music, and can close my eyes and plunge into the Soul with an emotional heart, ready to laugh for a friend, or weep for a stranger.

I’m listening to “Trap Queen” now. Just so you know.

My grade 12 started 2 days earlier. For a person who didn’t even hit a 70%, I’m doing pretty great right now. I guess i learnt something from 11th grade. I can only hope I don’t lose its essence.

Its “Impossible” by James Arthur now.

Whenever I’m with my music, i feel i can  actually change the world. Whenever I read books or watch a particular movie, there are points or moments that makes my heart beat faster, my breath shallow, and at some point my whole life can revolve around it. I can’t care less what happens around me at that time.

“Wildest Dreams”. Taylor Swift.

They march unto the fray,

All reminiscing of their lives before now.
Yet when they face the enemy, their hands are steady
For they know that the wind that blows at their faces speaks of love
And it will forever carry the messages of their hearts
To all corners of the earth.
Till the end of Time.
That is enough.

“I’d Love to Change the World”. Jetta.