Too few people are able to dream in this world now.

There was once a time, when people used to dream passionately, vigorously; and with a will like steel, they used to pursue their dreams till the end, no matter how crazy or insane they were. At that time people believed in the magic of God, and were kind to everyone around them. They believed that each one of them, no matter who they were, where they came from, had a destiny and a role in this world, waiting to be fulfilled.

Life was simpler back then.

But now, that magic has been shrouded, covered, veiled, and hidden from all of us. All of us have been drawn towards the modern world, with all its newfangled mumbo jumbo. We have plunged so far into the abyss that it’s difficult for us to climb back. And as we dangle almost helplessly between the ground and the pit, forests are being destroyed, animals are being poached and killed, and driven out of their homes. People refuse to believe that their dreams can be made true. The hounds of practicality and materialism have caught and are dragging the human race away; from God and His love. Only a few are trying to fight out of that grip. My own parents don’t talk and think much about God now. They, like so many others now just try to survive in their own little world. They have forgotten the difference between SURVIVAL and LIFE. They want only to SURVIVE, not to LIVE.
It is time that such people should be reminded of who they are, and what love and faith and creativity can do.  It is on us to make the people believe in Love. Faith. Passion. Compassion. Strong will. Leave the rest to Him.