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No not fracking or burning fossil fuels. That way leads to climate change and the same old scene.

Not even solar, wind and alternatives.

The future lies in Fusion. Once we have created the technology to do this industrially we will have unlimited power. It will be unpolluting and transformative.

We can have unlimited electricity for transport, producing fresh water to irrigate, and power to light the world.

It will lead to an age of plenty, the end of fundamentalism, migration, poverty and war.

Fusion is the future.

This is where we need to be investing big-time right now.

Fusion is beautiful! The sun works on it. We will bring a little sun on Earth. The old Sun Gods will be worshipped all over again (in a non-religious way).

Science and education are the saviours of mankind just as fundamentalism and fanaticism are its major threats.

Give me the power…

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