The lights are out at our house, and the generator is not working properly, so my grandpa and I are sitting in our compound , which is really a small place to keep our car, the bike of our tenant and some potted plants. The view and the scene is  really something. It is almost 9 30 here, and a few stars are visible, which i had not thought to be possible as the amount of cars and traffic is MONSTROUS. (#atouchofhope)

I would have given you guys a photo if it were not for my phone’s inability to not take a photo in dark, and and the flashlight ruins it, so not possible right now people.

Now that I think about it… I spend too much time on my phone. Too. Much. Its not like I dont EVER leave my phone if it is in my hands, its just that I find it hard to keep it away once it is within my reach. I see a lot of people doing the same and I think a lot of the guys reading this blog do this too.

I want you all to realize, just as I did right now, that by using phones for gaming, texting, and passing on those Pjs  all the time you might be having fun, but in reality you are missing a LOT of cool things. I’m not saying that you should TOTALLY stop these things; People need to have some breathing space in their lives, I understand. But many people lose themselves in their hectic lives that they don’t give a damn about what’s happening around them. See the beauty of nature, respect its strength and its sensitivity. Breathe in it. Feel it. Dream it. Live in it and be reborn.

The rain is falling harder than before. Bolts of lightning are illuminating the sky and the earth. Mama has brought a cup of tea and a pack of cards for me, my sister, and herself. It is going to be a majestic night.