Arya was scared. It was a dark night, a one with no moon or stars. And the canopy of the big and thick oak trees made it even darker. He couldn’t’ speak. It was as if the trees were watching him, watchful of his every move, with evil, malevolent eyes. The forest had come to life.

Voices wailed in the dark. Arya couldn’t fathom whether they were in his head or not. It was so real, and yet so unreal. His breathing became shallow, and his heart started beating faster, as he heard a rustle behind him from the blueberry bushes.

He started walking faster. Suddenly a
huge bolt of lightning rode across the sky, illuminating the forest; if only just for a second. But in that one second, he got his sight back. Normally, a second isn’t enough to register everything on your mind. But his fear had given him a heightened and accurate sense of sight, sound and smell. And what he saw froze his mind, turned his legs to jelly and he forgot how to breathe.

What could Arya have seen? I leave it to you guys. I hope you have some REALLY great ideas…