” We need food, supplies, weapons. Can you help us?”

Tara looked straight at the eyes of the speaker, who introduced himself as Derukin. His were a light shade of blue, uncommon and intriguing.

” I don’t know about weapons. And as for supplies, what kind, exactly?”

” Thats none of your business.” said Grock, coming forward and standing beside Derukin. He was as the same height as the former, with a quiet energy that Tara had mistaken for his shyness. She flinched. She would not be fooled again. He was perhaps the most secretive of the lot. ” It would be wise not to offend him.” , she thought to herself.

“I was simply trying to help you. There is no need to get angry.” Tara said simply, and with command and authority, for she knew that she will need to have the upper hand over them.

“Come…my house is nearby. You can stay there for the night.”She said, and together,they disappeared in the night.

This is my first short story on WordPress…Hope you all like it!!!!