Little Weir

working away in the Northern Poetry Library working away in the Northern Poetry Library

Happy World Poetry Day 2015 everyone!

I am a poet.

I’m also a Patreon creator.

I write poetry and post it on Patreon, if you support my work you don’t just get to see everything that I post you also get to read everything that I have ever posted on Patreon.

The work that goes up onto Patreon is my best writing. It’s the poetry that I’ve spent years editing, crafting and working on.

It costs as little as $1 a month to become a patron. That’s about 67p if you’re in the UK.

Of course you can give as much as you want. And the more the merrier.

If everyone who follows this blog supported me on Patreon at the lowest level then I would be able to make my whole living from writing poetry. $1 from everyone here would…

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