I’m finally blogging again! Oh, I simply cannot describe the feeling I have right now! It was torture, being unable to blog, and instead doing maths and science and getting ready for my exams! But now it’s over!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

You guys have been so incredible, and i am such an idiot that i couldn’t even see my notifications, and just sighed when i saw them pile up this last month. Now.. as I am back again. I dont intend to do it for a long, long time.

Between my exams, i was pretty cranky, and time seemed to slow down when i was with my shrieking baby sister, and dancing mom, and the worst part was that they couldn’t , or actually, didn’t believe that I could go all the way to becoming a writer. My mother, who bombards me with facts like ” You should check the market demand and then choose what to do, writing is not practical, no steady income, blah blah blah..” is continuously putting holes in my heart without her even noticing it. When I say that this is what I want to do, she just rolls her eyes and mutters” Fine, do what you want to do. Your books wont get attention, you’ll be broke, and all our investment will be in vain.”

And I’m going to prove her wrong. I’m going to show her that I am worth something. My words, my thoughts, my expressions are worth something. I know she’s afraid because she thinks its not  like a regular job, one with a regular salary and all, but by golly,  I will make sure that she is in for a surprise…