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When I first went to Africa twenty years ago there were big herds of elephants. The ban on ivory had been effective.

Their population has crashed from ten million to half a million. They are being poached to extinction.

The major reason for this is the movement of the Chinese into Africa. It has opened up markets for ivory.

If this is allowed to go unchecked they will be extinct in twenty years.

Friends who regularly go to Kenya report lone stragglers frequenting water-holes where a few years ago there were herds. What are the governments doing about it?

Tusks are modified teeth. Ivory is dentine. The value of it is only what price people put on it. It has no use or intrinsic worth. Once again we are butchering animals for spurious stupidity.

The traders, poachers and profiteers need locking up.

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This can be halted if there is a…

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