Children are, in many ways, better than most adults. Because for an adult, and I’m talking usually about any adult; It may be a middle class type person, a filthy beggar, or a great big millionaire. For them, life usually has only a specific reason. They are self- centered. They follow things blindly. They accept something blindly without thinking about it. Yes, I think if these reasons were taken away from them, they wont be able to live long.

But in case of a child…. thats a different story altogether. You might have seen small children pestering their parents about “What’s that Mommy?”, or ” What’s that Daddy?”. And the parents answering them as patiently as they can. You see, when a child is born, he may grow with his mother’s love  and his father’s care, but he is born with God’s eyes. Eyes that look to the world with wonder and fascination. Eyes that can everyday find trouble or make new discoveries.Eyes that are born to change the view of this world. Everyone is born with these eyes. That is why everyone is born a child.

But somewhere down the line, something changes. People stop wondering and start accepting. They don’t think ‘why?’. They don’t want to do something different. They are happy with their simple old BORING lives. But they’re not! It eats them inside. It makes them shallow. Deceitful. Their eyes lose the magic of life, and they become robots. And these people are called rather “diplomatic, practical, businessmen”.  

Today’s life is all about rush, power and money. In the midst of all this, many people tend to ignore their natural instincts, their heart, and go for the logical choice. Be a little irrational. A little emotional. A little simple and innocent. Don’t Let The Child Inside Die.