As I drifted aimlessly in the country,

I watched as the vast and dull plains gazed upon me.

As my eyes swam across the horizon,

A streak of lightning rode across the sky.

The sky suddenly blackened, as if the Gods had sworn vengeance

Over the cruel and wicked of the earth.

And had joined up arms to eradicate evil,

For once and for all.

I watched, in horrible fascination,

As the army of death poured over the fields,

The earth had become a battlefield,

While the battle cries resonated all over the world.

In my desperation, I ran towards an old forest.

I ran until my feet bled.

As I entered the forest,my mouth parted in shock,

For I had stepped into another world.

The trees blushed in green,

the flowers fully bloomed,

and the birds had started building their nests,

as if spring had arrived.

There, in the old woods He lied,

sitting just under an oak tree.

I watched Him, the sight of Him made me strong,

And my cuts healed away.

I had no doubt, who this presence was,

And I slowly edged away, lest He found out about me.

But as I slowly backed up, the leaves rustled ,

And He turned towards me.

I was shocked, at first,

For his face didn’t show any anger.

It was just filled with sadness,

And His eyes showed pain; deep, incredible pain. 

The trees first bloomed, then withered a little,

as if clinging to a last hope.

The birds shivered in their nests,

as if feeling  the first winds of winter.

He beckoned at me to come forward,

I obliged, without questioning.

I sat down beside him,

And He took my hand.

I saw before myself death, in all its glory,

Devouring animals and plants alike.

But the most astonishing of all was the wielder,

For it was but me.

A single tear ran down his cheeks,

And it landed on the ground.

I understood the message, for no words were required,

And nodded in mute response.

He smiled through his tears,

And heaved a great sigh.

He leaned towards me and said ” Thank you”,

And dissolved into the wind.

The birds chirped once,

Before they flew away from the coming winter breeze.

The trees swayed once,

Before they withered before the cold biting wind.

I sat there for a moment, before standing up, ready to leave,

When i glanced below.

The tear had seeped into the ground,

And from there a small sapling had appeared.

I gazed at it, a wistful sadness creeping towards me,

as I turned around.

For both of us had different paths to go to,

I had to spread the word, while he had to stand true to it.

But as i walked away, i was elated,

For I knew we would meet again.

I thought that gave me strength as I walked down the road,

Was that we would meet again under the same paradise.