It was a cold wintry morning,

The early bird toiling hard with work.

I came out of my room, yawning,

My legs felt asleep , so I gave them a jerk.

I watched, as before my eyes the sun rose out from the darkness

As a dim light, as it teared through the kingdom of Night.

The mist rose with its sharpness

 as it defended its beloved with all its might.

But alas! It looked like it was their fate,

For their strength failed them against this foe.

The two lovers stood at their kingdoms’s gate

And were brought down by a single blow.

The light, flushed with pride, entered the land,

And was greeted with song and hymns.

For the subjects were joyous that their land

Was once again freed from wrongs and sins.

I watched, and a smile appeared on my face,

As I ran inside to tell the news of this victory…