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The Incompetent Writer

Yi Shun Lai, nonfiction editor of The Tahoma Literary Review, offers three tips for playing a greater role in the wider literary community:

We built Tahoma Literary Review because we want to ensure the publication of great writing in a way that’s monetarily satisfying to the writer, but we also built it because we wanted to play a part in our greater literary community.

What does “literary community” mean, anyway? Strictly defined, it means all writers, readers, and editors, but we like to think of it with a special emphasis on what you can do to improve the community. Our emphasis is on the latter of the two words.

In short, she advises writers to read, comment, and buyThere is a bonus fourth tip, too, as she explains in the article: meet.

(I was touched to be named among the blogs they like to read.)

Also: you should definitely…

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