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The Time Traveller’s Journal (First entry)

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30 July, 2018

Found another one of my articles that I had written on my laptop a while ago. The title is once again the day I probablly finished it; it just needed a few tweaks here and there.  I really ought to comb through my laptop  more frequently, but at least i found it. Heh, it really helps to have complete pieces lying around while I'm racking my brains for the next piece.     
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New podcast episode: Emma at last

Library Owner

Poetry and Prose

Hidden in the corner,
Like a quiet foreigner,
I lived day in-day out,
Witnessing all about.
Millions killed,
Bruised and burned,
Took me to places of no return.
Some robbed and murdered,
Some fought and cheated,
Broke my heart when love was defeated.
Oh! The kiss, His sweetest kiss.
Made my heart blushed as I smiled.
Saw several loved and died,
Sometimes I quietly cried.
From dusk to dawn,
Pages after pages,
I just read on.

For every book lover

Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels

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A Good Problem To Have.

You know, I’m currently working on three different writing pieces: one is a piece for what is going to be my first entry ever in a writing contest(that is, excluding the ones which happened in schools and three kids from each grade got certificates for first,second and third place.), one piece is going to be the start of a short story which I’ll keep posting here, and afterwards on both Medium and Wattpad. I currently have more than enough material to work on the first part of the story, but I’ve put it on hold because this writing contest has a deadline of August 12. I know it’s far away, but this is my first time, and I’m excited and want my piece to be really good. I still haven’t finished the first draft of it yet, and I want to finish it at most by tomorrow afternoon.The last one is the book I want to self publish. There is a SHIT load of research left to do, and the first draft is only reached, like 2 chapters. Because I want my characters to sound authentic, I’m researching into their professions and stuff like that. The roadblock right now is that one of the professions of a character is a clinical pychologist(I didn’t even know there were any other kind of psychologists apart from the clinical ones.), and this character has a lot of importance, and never having been to a psychologist or having met one, it is a huge grey area for me. Somehow I make progress somedays, but even THAT had to be put on hold, again because of the first writing piece mentioned. I know its stupid, but I’m NERVOUS okay?! It’s a US-based contest and they charge an entry fee, and I’m not from the US ,UK, or the EU, so it’s a considerable amount of money for something that may not even give me the result I hope for. That’s why I’m really trying to make sure that my piece is really good.

You’re thinking why then I said it’s (insert title here). Because I’m working on something I love. That’s a huge change for me. I still procrastinate a lot. I basically did nothing today except for writing this post. But I’m starting to turn around now. I’ll keep focusing on my work. Sure, I have bad days like today, but at least now my bad days are not like a state of perpetuity. I’m happy that I have work that I want to do because it gives my happiness. I love the feeling of words pouring out that sound right. But it’s important to do right by your other priorities too. So I’m trying to not let it get in the way of my computer programming, but I’ve mostly failed so far. But at least I’m trying, right? There’s a whole journey left before I can call myself considerably productive, but at least now I’m motivated enough to keep moving forward. I am thankful for that.

Also, if anyone has any tips to help me focus more on my work and procrastinate less, I’m all ears!


a stranger.

8 July, 2017.

I found a poem of mine today with this date written at the top right corner of the page. I had actually written it for a WordPress challenge by one of the websites I used to follow. I’m changing it a little and posting it here, because the original does not seem that good to me right now. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 !

Amidst the sounds of normalcy,

There is a voice

Vibrant and complete

With madness and screams

And discipline and dreams

Of freedom and joy

And delights and tears.

Walk towards that voice, my darling

For it is the sound of life.


It has been so long since I last came here, I feel like a newbie.

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Lines no longer fall like they used to

Has the river been poisoned?

The heart doesn’t move like it used to

Has it forgotten its love for love ?




On Death Threats and the Life I Lead…

Pernille Ripp

Note:  There is offensive language in this post, not from me, but I wanted to warn you before you read it.

I was cooking dinner today when my phone went off.  Three new emails waited for me.  In between cooking dinner, catching up with my husband, and watching the kids have a water fight, I checked my email because I was waiting for an important one.

Two were comments on my blog, nothing unusual in that until I read them.  The first one said


The next one said


I showed my husband, Brandon, and tried to shrug it off.  After all, these aren’t the first vile comments I have received and they probably won’t be the last but he stopped me.  “What do you mean you have gotten comments like this before?  You haven’t told me that?!”

I guess in this day and age you just get used to it. …

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