A Paradise Of Expressions..

Where strangers are family.


Lines no longer fall like they used to

Has the river been poisoned?

The heart doesn’t move like it used to

Has it forgotten its love for love ?




On Death Threats and the Life I Lead…

Pernille Ripp

Note:  There is offensive language in this post, not from me, but I wanted to warn you before you read it.

I was cooking dinner today when my phone went off.  Three new emails waited for me.  In between cooking dinner, catching up with my husband, and watching the kids have a water fight, I checked my email because I was waiting for an important one.

Two were comments on my blog, nothing unusual in that until I read them.  The first one said


The next one said


I showed my husband, Brandon, and tried to shrug it off.  After all, these aren’t the first vile comments I have received and they probably won’t be the last but he stopped me.  “What do you mean you have gotten comments like this before?  You haven’t told me that?!”

I guess in this day and age you just get used to it. …

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Do You Truly Care about Your Readers?

The Art of Blogging

Or is it really all about you?

If there’s one thing that I keep saying over and over again, it’s that the key to effective blogging is a relentless focus on the needs of the people you are trying to reach.

But the truth is that there are two prime examples of ways in which many are not getting it. The funny thing about these two things is that they are both aspects of what makes the Internet truly unique as a marketing platform, and yet we often fail to take advantage of them.

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🏹 Up Your Game – Lesson 10 🏹


But before we start – do the ritual will you? take a pen and a paper.  (I would have grabbed a box full of sketch-pens, colourful stickynotes and a cup of black coffee as well)

the instructions –

* jot down the lines or quotes that hit you deep or motivate you in the following post.

* AND listen to your heart speak to you while you read these lines.

Lesson 10 B – Battling the negative emotion

I am the child who likes to watch Disney movies and listen to every word so closely that I make into a life lesson. The following are lessons I drafted after watching some kickass youtube videos – links to which are given under source credits.

Let’s begin- shall we?

*Self doubt is the biggest jerk ever. //Amy landino

* Just act like you belong. //Amy Landino

* No body is hiding…

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Just so you know, I wanted to post this in the last week of August. Although I do not remember the date, I remember the feeling, and that, I believe is what really matters. Also, I couldn’t finish this post that day( I had exams, so a part is what I wrote at that time, and a part is what I wrote today .).

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The Power of Literacy: Changing the Narrative of Toxic Masculinity by Travis Crowder

Nerdy Book Club

“…And of course there must be something wrong in wanting to silence any song.” -Robert Frost

“I want to question the idea that it’s weak to be emotionally open, to demonstrate that it’s fine for men to be vulnerable and kind, and to recognize the courage it takes to be different.” -Ben Brooks

“There are no “boy” books. There are no “girl” books. There are just good books, and they are for everyone.” -Libba Bray, ALAN Conference speech

It happened on a Sunday. Sitting with my family at lunch, I was engaged in deep, thoughtful conversation with my brother-in-law about his work as a rope manufacturer. To discuss his work with him is to navigate technical jargon, the vocabulary of machinery and rope classification, words that are the soul of his profession, ones that I have to negotiate with context clues and requests for clarification. I briefly mentioned how interesting…

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Saturday in the park, madness descending


Indians play cricket every Saturday morning on the tennis courts. You’d think cricket matches would play out better on the baseball diamond, which no one ever uses for baseball, but most of the players crowd themselves to the left of the nets, and balls hit to the right rarely make it to the one or two players on that side. Those players don’t see much action, the ones on the right. Mainly they just clap and offer encouragement in Gujarati.

In the evening, long after the Indians have left, a lone tennis player practices his swing on the court, bounces balls back to himself off a big piece of plywood painted green. Every so often he sails one too high over the top of the board, over the cyclone fence it hangs on, into the trees. The fence encloses the court. Its gate stands open, blocks the path I walk…

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Portrait of the Artist

A Light Circle

What are you afraid of?

That they’ll see right through you? See through your farce? Your vain bid for importance?

That no amount of effort will surmount the appraisal of your surface? Or insubstantialize your many failures and shortcomings? (In fact, make them all the more obvious.) That you will be deserving of neither attention nor respect, but ridicule and rejection instead.

What if that which you fear most is already here? Consistently here.

Would you simply accept it? Would you stop fighting?

At what point does falling unseen become ceasing to exist?

Or would you rise up taller, stronger, bolder than ever? 

After all, there must be ashes.


Text and images by M.P. Baecker © 2018.

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“Why Can’t I Move About In The House Without A Shirt?”- My Sister.

Girl Playing in SprinklerKeeping in mind this is a sensitive topic, I appreciate any insights and opinions coming this way. Continue reading ““Why Can’t I Move About In The House Without A Shirt?”- My Sister.”

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